CERAMICOLOR is the National Association of Ceramic Glaze, Inorganic Pigmento and Metal Oxides Manufacturers, which also involves Italian and multinational companies that produce frits, enamels, dyes and ceramic auxiliaries, inorganic pigments and metal oxides.

CERAMICOLOR is one of the FEDERCHIMICA Associations, that is the National Federation of the Chemical Industry, which is part of CONFINDUSTRIA and adheres to the CEFIC (European Chemical Industry Council).

The Ceramicolor companies are an important example of chemistry at the service of ceramics, which gives the real added value that allows the Italian product to excel in markets all over the world.

The study and research process in the application of the enamel has a fundamental role in ceramics. These aspects are the real highlight these companies that every year carry out extremely significant investments, and often in a higher percentage than those of traditional chemical companies.

The field of the ceramic paint industry has the following characteristics:

• It is an example of chemistry at the service of ceramics

• Businesses have a high level of globalization

• Companies oriented to strong research & development investments

• The process of study and research plays a key role for ceramics

• The aging process of the products, associated to necessary services provided for the application of the same, has now oriented the industry to the "specialties"

The sector traditionally includes the production of enamels, frits, pigments, dyes used in the ceramic industry (tiles, tableware, sanitary ware, etc.) and, to a lesser extent, in the mechanical industry (especially for the surface finish of appliances and household products). It also includes some manufacturers of metal oxides that are spreading, for over half of their use, in chemical reaction processes aimed at obtaining pigments and frits. However, they are also present in the composition of rustproofing products and stabilizers.

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